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This document discusses covers the implementation of a network that considers the various aspects of the company. The aim is to have a network that is comprehensive such that the organization can achieve the expected benefits from such an investment. The project addresses the needs of an organization that has different office locations. This means that different LANs need to be developed. The project discusses the cabling specifications, wide area network design; network protocols; network remote access; network business applications; and network security.
For the cabling specifications, the physical position of the various systems and offices are considered. Because of the need for interconnection among computers in different offices,
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This is important because it addresses the possibility of earthquakes and other natural calamities that can affect the security of the organization’s information (Kolata, 1977; Needham, 2003).
The characteristics of the WAN for interconnecting the company’s different offices will be determined by the availability of network (hardware) resources from the company, as well as business processes that will be using the network. It is untreatable that the company does not have sufficient hardware resources that cans be used as foundation for the WAN; it will be necessary for the company to procure new hardware components for the WAN.
The WAN is intended to address the company’s need to interconnect its various offices in different locations. The possible geographically distributed nature of the offices requires the installation of cabling and devices that can support the data transmission needs among the different branches. Because the company’s existing hardware does not support some of the WAN needs, a new WAN must be designed and implemented. This should be able to accommodate all of the company’s system needs. The needs for the company’s WAN are presented in the following lists (Yu & Huang 2004).
The business requirements are one of the primary determinants of the WAN’s design. The

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