Criteria Audit On Cholecysteectomy

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1. Introduction
The Health Information Department of Curtin Hospital constructed a criteria audit on cholecystectomy surgery within the general surgical department of the hospital. Criteria audits are important strategies in health care as it develops best practice principles, to educate staff and maintain high standards of patient care. Criteria audits can also assist in hospitals understanding compliance to standards ensuring that sufficient safety and infection control methods are being appropriately utilised.
The purpose of the criteria audit is to identify and review evidence intended to support and understand clinical practices while focusing on patient safety and improving patient outcomes of cholecystectomy surgery. This literature review will discuss the purpose and rationale and explore the methodological approach to conduct the criteria audit. Additionally, the review will present a comprehensive review using data searches of journals and government standards and provide a list of citations found in the data searches.

2. Background
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Mandatory audits are a compulsory or authoritative order ("Mandatory", 2016) required by authorities to ensure compliance to one of more of the 10 standards of compliance set by Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service ("Audit tools for National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards", 2013). This criteria audit will examine standards 1: governance for safety and quality in health service organisation, 3: preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections, 4: medication safety, 5: patient identification and procedure matching and standard 6: clinical handover ("Audit tools for National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards",

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