Cristopher Columbus And The Native American Culture

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Abstract In this essay we will examine the Native American culture, comparing their way of life in the past, before and after Columbus, and today. The purpose of this essay is to determine whether the treatment has changed, if so, how. The focus will be on the way they live, in other words, how much of their culture has changed in order for them to adapt to the American way. From the very first beginning when Cristopher Columbus has commenced sailing to America, "New World" in 1942, we will deliberate current position of Native American people in the past few years and today.
1. Introduction The year is 1492, Columbus set on his voyage to discover a new path to China in his search for gold. However, because that part of
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Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain have promised to Cristopher Colobus a title "Admiral of the Ocean Sea", profit in 10% and what was very important to him, proconsulate over lands that were recently discovered. In the same time, Columbus started to write his report "Columbus’s report to the Court in Madrid" where he described his expedition every day. The second voyage was in 1495, with seventeen ships and about 1200 men where the main intent was to gather a gold and have slaves. In that time, Cristopher Colombus did not have an aim to only get slaves and gold, he also had a plan to have a title after he succeeds in his voyage. In the second expedition majority of Native people were dead, in the meantime, there was an exchange of food and animals, but also diseases like measles and grippe have started. The last voyage 1489 with six ships, Cristopher Colombus received a nickname "Tyrant of the Caribbean”. The main goal was to attest the existence of the continent "New World". Through his expedition, Cristopher Colombus had the motive to gather a gold and …show more content…
The tribes traded amongst themselves frequently which enabled them to specialize in different goods.They believed that the land was meant to be shared and all of their resources were there for the tribe. This way of living was simple and peaceful because they did not have a necessity for personal property, they would rather share it. The tribes differed in their way of living from nomadic,semi-nomadic to static. There is a huge range of different tribes and style of living and in this essay, we will cover the most important ones. They believed in spirits but the practices of their beliefs also varied from tribe to tribe. We will focus on one tribe that is most relevant to our research, the “Lucayan-Arawak Indians”. They are believed to be the first tribe Columbus encountered on his first voyage “when he arrived on the island he called Santa María de la Concepción” (Arawak Tribe of the Bahamas) In regards to their culture they are described as a “gentle culture” which cherished “...happiness, friendliness and a highly organized hierarchical, paternal society,...”(Corbett) Their leader was called “cacique” who would sometimes have up to 30 wives whereas other men would have 2 or 3. When it comes to weapons they only had bows and arrows and spears which they used for fishing primarily. Another aspect of their culture was that they were “polytheists” and called their gods “zemi”.

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