Crisis Recovery: - Customers’ Perspective Towards Toyota’s Brand Proposal

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1.1 Title Crisis Recovery: - Customers’ perspective towards Toyota’s brand. 1.2 Background Crisis is often a very fearful problem for organization around the world. As brand building takes up a very long period, destroying a brand on the other hand only require a blink of an eye. However, each and every organization will have their own module or particular ways to prevent their brand to have negative image in customers’ perception. But because of the unknown future, crisis might arise from

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Throughout all these years, Toyota had built a strong image in Malaysian customers’ mind. Based on a comment by UMW Toyota (Local Distributor of Toyota Motor in Malaysia) president Kuah Kock Heng, he said that UMW Toyota had the biggest share of the non-national makes in 2009, selling 81,785 units. It outsold its nearest competitor by over 40,000 units. Although the mass recall crisis not affecting Malaysia’s consumers “UMW Toyota would like to emphasize that we have received confirmation from our principal, Toyota Motor Corp, Japan that all Toyota and Lexus models sold by UMW Toyota are not affected by this recall exercise,” a statement by UMW Toyota. However, Toyota’s mass recall crisis affects many of its constituencies. Based on a Bloomberg’s report; Toyota roll out a global recalls of 8 million vehicles which experienced unintended acceleration. Although the affected vehicles are those in US, Europe, and China, and Toyota carry out whole series of action to resolve the critical issue and bare the responsible of this problem. The Malaysian customers’ perception towards Toyota’s brand might be affected with negative image or remain the same after this mass recall by Toyota. Because of the crisis which affects the customers perception towards Toyota’s brand, this project is intended to examines the customers’ perspective towards Toyota’s brand before and after the mass recall crisis.
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