Crisis Management Essay

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Crisis Management
Professor Clark Bailey

Planning for a Crisis

Having a crisis management plan is invaluable when a crisis actually occurs. Whether it be a crisis at home or at work, if you are not prepared with some sort of plan of action, the results could be far worse than the crisis itself. Knowing that crises are inevitable is also a valuable thought. Prevention, communication, leadership and legalistic are all key element that make up a good crisis managemnt plan. I will be discussing many possible crisis that could occur at my home or workplace. When I began analyzing my household in order to determine the possible crises that could occur at my home I realized that my family and I are very
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If my sisters room was not accessible due to the fire, whoever was stuck upstairs would need to make their way to my room where there is a similar slightly higher shingled area outside of the window. If everyone could make it downstairs they should follow escape plan A. This route would have us go out the front door first, if that is not possible we would escape through the back door or one of the big living room windows. Either my Dad or I would assume the role of the leader in this situation. The leader would need to make sure that they alert everyone about the fire, as well as make sure they go follow the most appropriate escape route to safety. The leader would also be responsible for trying to put out the fire if possible. Responsibility and communication are also very important when it comes to a crisis management plan. In the event of a fire each person would be responsible for grabbing a few important items or keepsakes. My dad or I would be responsible for grabbing our dog Alamo. It would also be very important for everyone to communicate with each other in order to make sure that no one is hurt or stuck somewhere. As soon as everyone makes it out of the house I would take a head count. Next I would call 911 if I had time to grab my cell phone. It would also be necessary to alert the surrounding neighbors in case the fire spreads. In the event of a gas leak my escape plan would be very similar to my fire

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