Crisis Management in Tourism Destination Essay

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In modern world tourism has become a huge industry with the increased number of tourists each year. There are some tourism attractions in every country and with proper maintenance and planning these tourism attractions can earn a healthy amount of revenue each year. People are becoming more adventurous and started exploring the globe more than before. This is a huge opportunity for the tourism industry to flourish. Destination management is now a major concern for many countries having tourism attractions and for this the number of tourists is increasing every year. As the destinations are becoming popular, the management of these destinations are also becoming crucial as newer opportunities and threats are emerging. Long term planning and …show more content…
Immediate crisis take place all on a sudden and does not allow the team to take any preventive steps to face it. On the contrary emerging crisis allow the team to plan and limit the loss going to be occurred by the upcoming crisis. The crisis which persists for a longer duration of time is known as sustained crisis.
Immediate steps like decision making, proper and effective planning, and execution of the planning are barely important for crisis management to stop the negative consequences and to restore the confidence of the belonging parties (Faulkner and Russell, 2000). After hitting a tourism destination the crisis exists until the pre crisis situation is restored. Intensive focus marketing strategies play a vital role in re-establishing the image of the tourism destination among the prospective travellers (Beirman, 2003).
On the other hand disaster is completely out of control of the destination management team as these are mostly unpredictable and have a catastrophic effect. The disaster may be man made or natural which destroys the whole tourism destination (Faulkner and Russell, 2000). For example the tsunami took place in Japan (2011) recently, has battered its tourism industry. It wiped away the Okumatsushima beach resort from the map where thousands of tourists used to travel during summer. Natural disasters like tsunami, earthquake, flood, cyclone, and volcanic eruption may take place

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