Essay on Crisis Management Communication Plan

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Crisis management communication plan If the response is efficient in the event of a crisis relevant, survival to the organization, whether team is prepare or not. The necessary assume for effective work of integrated rescue system is effective communication, which is the base assume for his work. Crisis communication is specific area of communication, which include external and internal progress of organization during crisis situations. Target of this communication is elimination negative effect, which happened, and inform public and all of part with are strike of crisis situation ( Kurhajcová june 2010). Despite all the attention and effort applied to operating safely, the fact remains that accidents do occasionally …show more content…
In stress response encourages the person to venting; avoid challenges, speak calmly, clearly and [in academic writing, if this is a series, place a comma before the final conjunction (and)] offer alternative. During the escalation period maintain safe distance, acknowledge behavior, remove the person to quiet area.(Arnold & Boggs). As healthcare team communicating rapidly must be communicate with patient and family to avoid aggravating the stress. Answer their questions that will help them calm down and reduce anxiety. Stress hormones level generally revert to normal once cause of stress is resolved [Passive voice ] . (Arnold & Boggs). According to Hans Selye (1950) described a three stage progressive pattern of nonspecific physiological responses, which he branded as alarm, resistance and [in academic writing, if this is a series, place a comma before the final conjunction (and)] exhaustion. The alarm stage is similar to Cannon’s acute stress response, characterized by increased activity in the hypothalamus –pituitary – adrenal (HPA) axis. Corticosteroids are released [Passive voice ] , which mobilizes the body’s energy resources. if [A sentence begins with a capital letter] the stress is not resolve in the initial alarm stage, second adaptive phase referred to as “resistance” occurs as the body try to accommodate for stressor. Improve the potential communication challenges.

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