Crisis Intervention Essay

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In this assignment I shall be defining the topic surrounding crisis throughout the field of mental health. I will be attempting to do this by using a various range of literature and theories of that can help us create a greater understanding and knowledge base of what a crisis is, why it occurs and how we can potentially prevent a crisis from occurring. I shall then be discussing how I would engage those individuals that are in crisis, exploring the engagement process and showing the skills that are necessary to provide support to the person in crisis. I will then be discussing what challenges we meet as both professionals and the individual that is in crisis and what tools and strategies are placed in order to conquer these
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James (2001) also states that types of crisis can be divided into three categories, these being; developmental, situational and existential. A developmental crisis can be described as a drastic shift that occurs in the normal flow of human growth that produces abnormal responses e.g. career change, retirement. A situational crisis emerges with the occurrence of uncommon and extraordinary events that an individual has no way of foreseeing or controlling e.g. loss of job, bereavement. Existential crisis includes the inner conflicts and anxieties of an individual that ultimately give their life purpose. This can occur at a certain age in life where an individual feels a state of worthlessness or underachieving throughout their life.
Caplan (1961) also has a similar theory on crisis, stating that a period of disorganization leads to an upset in the individual’s steady state, somewhat of an obstacle, that for a short period of time proves exceedingly difficult to overcome with the strategies that are being attempted to use. Many abortive attempts at the solution are made until the solution itself is resolved, therefore overcoming the crisis. So, this states that it may not be the crisis situation itself that can be overcome, such as bereavement or a rape, as situations like this cannot be changed, but it’s an individual’s perception on this event and their frame of mind that determines how we deal with this.
The Tidal Model is similar to these theories, as

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