Crisis in Haiti Essay

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Every region of the world faces some form of serious environmental issues. Whether it be pollution, overpopulation, wildlife extinction, or the many other issues we are faced with; it is time for us to make a plan towards a future for our planet. With living in the United States, we often do not have exposure to the issues affecting many parts of the world except through television. However, we need to personally expose ourselves to other regions as their problems can lead to everyone’s problem. One region we need to learn more about is Haiti. Haiti is a country that is very underdeveloped, and could use assistance – whether it is labor or ideas from other developed countries. Their environmental issues need attention in order …show more content…
(Brown, D., 2006) The government does not have the means to keep water safe for their citizens. Even though there are two state-owned public institutions, CAMEP (Centrale Autonome Metropolitaine d’Eau Potable) and SNEP (Service National d’Eau Potable), that are responsible for the water sector. ( They do not cover, nor does anyone else, the sanitation issues in Haiti. The only water sources that do exist are shared by everyone. Farmers use it for their crops, and families use it for bathing, drinking, and cleaning dishes. Most of the time, they utilize rivers and streams. Instead of looking for new water sources, they are harming their bodies by using common sources. In addition to this, farmer’s water sources are being depleted because it is being used by every farmer within the local region. This causes many farmers to have to walk several miles for other shared water sources. As talked about previously, there is a sever problem with deforestation in Haiti. This major deforestation leads to Haiti’s issue of water pollution. With the fact that there are no trees to absorb much of the rainfall, it falls to the ground. This causes the rich top soil to wash away into the local streams and rivers. This then contaminates the water for the people as well as the marine life that inhabits the water. This is one of the larger reasons

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