Informative Essay: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay Since the recent surface of the Syrian Civil War, many people have been fleeing Syria to other countries. One question many Americans have been asking themselves, and debating with others is whether or not that we bring in Syrian refugees. Despite debate and moral crusading, I say it would be in our best interest to not bring them into our country. It will bring a heavier burden for our country, and could have serious impacts to our society. Germany is one of the countries that is admitting Syrian refugees into its country. This decision was directed by Angela Merkel, who used a “open door” policy, which basically lets any refugee come in without required passports or background checks. The plan was to use …show more content…
It would not be advisable to bring in refugees. The risks certainly are not outweighed by the benefits of potentially having a more diverse culture. We could experience similar, if not worse events than what has already occurred in Europe.
One major point I would also like to make is that it is the government’s responsibility to keep its citizens safe (in accordance with civil rights). This could entail many things, including economically. Back in the 19th century the U.S enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act to keep out anymore Chinese immigrants from coming in. At the time this bill was enacted, the Chinese made up to 25% of America 's work force. Speaking from historical context, bringing in immigrants can result in your citizens competing with potentially cheaper labour.
One major factor that goes into allowing refugees is how long it takes for refugees to fit into society. Many foreigners coming to America find it difficult to integrate for many reasons. The first reason is that jobs can be hard to come by, and usually it 's jobs with low wages. The second reason is language barriers. Being in a foreign country without a translator is difficult (unless the nation is English speaking). This would be strenuous for refugees as they have to look for jobs, worry about bills, and learning a new language to fit into

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