Crisis Essay Ice Storms

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Although an ice storm may not seem to have the same type of effects as some other crises may have on the hospitality industry, there are many negative outcomes from them. Ice storms are very dangerous in the fact that you never know when it could turn into one. Weather may be getting weather, even warmer, but if you’ve got rain, especially at the end of the winter season, it could easily turn to ice in a second. All types of storms can have some effect on any type of operation but in particular, those that are non-essential. As stated by the Government of Canada, “freezing rain is tough, clings to everything it touches and is more slippery than snow. A little freezing rain is dangerous, a lot can be catastrophic” …show more content…
Rod Palmer woke up to the sound of his 6 greenhouses collapsing due to the strenuous amounts of ice and snow on the top of them. In a smaller community that offers fresh produce in farmers markets and within many of its restaurants, such a large hit to the fresh produce will have a catastrophic effect on sales for everyone involved. This situation relates very closely to the Niagara Region because of the many greenhouses and the fresh produce grown in the area. A situation such as this would have a terrible domino effect on many of the local restaurants that pride them self on providing fresh and local cuisine. “Owls Hollow Farm delivers produce to several Birmingham restaurants… All of them were left scrambling to find substitute providers. Because the greenhouse allowed palmer to grow year round, he could supply lettuce and other vegetables to restaurants at a time when other farmers can’t”. ( Some of the direct effects that this would have not only in Birmingham but if such a situation occurred in the Niagara region would be that restaurants may have to change their menus with no notification due to a lack of local produce. In an operation such as Inn on the 20, when providing for large groups of people and having a set menu, this causes an even bigger issue. When a bride, groom, host to an event chooses a specific menu

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