Crisis Communication Critique Paper

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On January 29, 2015, Anthem Healthcare learned of a cyber attack on their Information Security systems. This affected almost 80 million customers and employees. The information they believed that has been hacked are names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, health care ID numbers, home addresses, email addresses, employment information, including income data. They have no reason to believe credit card or banking information was compromised, nor is there evidence from this time that medical information such as claims, test results, or diagnostic codes, was targeted or obtained (
Anthem showed concern by contacting the FBI immediately and reporting the issue. The FBI praised their follow-up efforts. I believe this is
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There were three things that they did not do; 1) Didn’t require what’s called “multifactor authentication” for its entire system. Instead, only parts had the heightened barrier to access, leaving the remainder less protected, 2) Didn’t employ monitoring technology that was sufficiently sensitive to detect unusual flows of data out of its computer systems, and 3) Failed to encrypt the stolen database. Anthem did not require its employees to provide two layers of authentication in all areas of its computer systems, according to a Feb. 10 presentations to employers by Tom Miller, Anthem’s chief information officer (Wall, J. K., 2015.
As far as meeting the needs of the victims and the stakeholders. I would say that since the company is offering the two-year insurance from SecureID, I think that is very helpful. I do surely hope that Anthem will invest more into their Information Technology department. Because it appears that the higher-level executives did receive the information that more security was needed, however, they did not possibly understand the magnitude of it. I absolutely understand that Information Technology in an insurance company is not something that brings in revenue. At the same time, it is very important to make sure that the information for the customers is

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