Essay about Crimson Peak By Guillermo Del Toro

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Crimson Peak by Guillermo Del Toro is a visually stunning and technical masterpiece. It has taken me a while to perceive it as that. As a viewer who has been exposed to the trailer before watching the movie, I left the theater disappointed and wanting more out of this horror movie. It wasn’t till plenty of research that I found that Crimson Peak is in fact not a horror movie. Correct, but is it any surprise that the director of Hellboy, Pan’s Labrynth, and the Devil’s Backbone, was able to create a romance film set in a haunted castle? Del Toro sets out to create a gothic romance complimented with shades of horror. Therefore, when you judge it as a gothic romance, you have one hell of a film.

Many of the elements in this film will prove to you that this movie is in fact a member of the gothic romance genre. To get a sense of the story, after Edith’s father is brutally murdered, Edith and Thomas marry and return to his home in England. They arrive at Allerdale Hall, Sir Thomas’s rickety mansion, which sits atop a red clay mine thus giving it the name Crimson Peak. As seen in the clip provided, Edith describes the house with such grandeur causing her to say “goodness, how many rooms are there?”, after which she is introduced to the decay and rubble as Thomas shows her the rotting ceiling and the creaky floor sinking in red clay. All of this surprisingly plays a part in creating gothic romance and not a horror. A gothic romance thrives in an atmosphere of mystery and…

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