Criminology Theory Essay

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As we have the past centuries have been studying the way and why a person has committed crimes as well as trying to understand why behave in different patterns and different types of situations that they come across. One would first use the general theory of crime, which was developed by Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi. Now in this particular theory they both believed that “deviance and criminal acts of self-control”(criminology by Leonard Glick, J. Mitchell Miller pg.176).
Thus making an extremely great point, because their understanding was if you showed high levels of self control you would have the less chances of committing the crimes. Where as if you did not have that balance, then you could possibly commit the crime as well
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The social control theory best explains the understanding of the criminology theory; it explains that the reasons for people committing crimes are due to humans being humans, as well as it 's a group of individuals were left out on their own they would naturally commit crimes. Now digging more into this theory the best explanation that I can get it for a theory are the violent acts that were committed in Ferguson, Missouri in which gives a broad view of how a person(s) would respond if they were left alone by their selves with a broad opportunity to access multiple …show more content…
The best way that you could explain or more or less how that theory could be more understood is that there are controlling forces that imposed on everyday people in which will be the police force, lawyers, judges or any other politicians that would deem to have control over them. And this is what makes me believe that the social control. It is the best. To explain the criminal justice policies, because you look at our society as a whole whether it 's in America or within a Third World country we are human so was only natural that we in some shape or form make mistakes now in some aspects the mistakes can be criminal or something as small as not want to work. Or another example, what a person committing a white-collar crime which is extremely overlooked and is occurring as we speak but once again the problem of our criminal justice policies and the way our world works we care about more of the heinous crimes that involves murder, robbery, arson and theft. Whereas a white-collar crime can completely destroy a country as you see which is going on in America now and we are a debt and unemployment reason extremely high that is just an example of how social control theory would best explain the criminology theory and how it would inform the criminal justice policy. In conclusion some may say the juvenile system is horrible whereas

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