Essay Criminology Does Not Focus On One Level Of Behavior

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Criminology does not focus on one level of behavior but nevertheless attempts to provide explanations of particular forms of behavior, namely, criminal actions. The crimes are basically reflects the different dimensions of culprit’s life. Psychology says that people having same background behave in same identical manners while being in same conditions. Similarly the crimes also tell about the behavior of a particular that how he thinks, how he reacts in different scenarios and what is his trend in different cases. For example in a case study a real time case was presented to a group of people who were culprit. They were asked the same scenario and were asked that who can be the murderer of that specific person in this specific case. The answer of about 70 percent people about the crime was identical and that was exactly what did happen in real time. So as it is described initially, the criminology is nothing but a form of behavior.

The criminologist thus has his subject matter given to him by society. Man is basically nothing but what society has made him by its behavior towards him. No doubt different people behave in different ways while having same scenario and hence we can say that a person may also has his own way of thinking and criminal or productive behavior. Like same conditions can make a person criminal and can convert another person to a productive man who does lots of things for the betterment of the society but there are a very few dimensions which can be…

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