Criminals Are People Who Violate The Written Law Essay

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Criminals are people who violate the written law. But when it comes to explaining as to why they commit those deviant actions. There are many theories that help understand why these corrupt people do illegal activities. However, not all criminals fit under one theory. So therefore, when it comes to Thelma from the movie “Thelma and Louise”. The leading theory that will corresponded to her properly will be General Strain Theory. Thelma, pretty much her whole life as it looks to be upon. Has never been in any serious trouble. She seemed to be the average “good girl”. Who grew up and got married. Nonetheless, Thelma looks to be at a time in her life were she is not completely satisfied with it. She feels like she has been missing out on just living. Which is where her troubles begin. First off, she committed the crime of helping her best friend get away from a potential crime scene. Next she, went ahead and made the unlawful act of going through with an armed robbery. Before long, Thelma and Louise got pulled over and they trapped a state trooper in the back of his police vehicle. Meanwhile, when they had all of this going on. They were being harassed by a truck driver throughout their criminal adventure. When the ladies had it with his behavior. Thelma and Louise decided to take matters into their own hands. By blowing up his eighteen wheeler. Their finale crime together was when they speed off from police to avoid being caught. Thelma however, falls under General Strain…

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