Criminal Psychology : Inside The Mind Of A Criminal Essay

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Criminal Psychology: Inside the Mind of a Criminal
What is Criminal Psychology?
Although there is no definite definition, criminal psychology does play a vital role in investigating crimes. Criminal Psychology, otherwise known as Forensic Psychology is defined as a form of psychology that mainly focuses on offenders and their wills, intentions, reactions and all that partakes under criminal behavior. This study revolves around a cause-effect relationship. In this profession, Criminal Psychologists are called into court to help give a better understanding of the mental aspect of a criminal, and how it affects their behavior. They do so by the use of Criminal Profiling, a major process of criminal psychology where information that is gathered from a crime scene is analyzed and cross-examined with similar cases and other criminals to determine the identity of the perpetrator through the use of MOs and law enforcement agency archives.
Historical Perspective
According to Sarah Pyre, author of the Forensic Psych blog, while there is no universal idea as to what is considered criminal justice, six components have been selected as focal points of what makes criminal psychology:
1. Law and Psychology
2. The FBI
3. Issues and Debates
4. Research
5. Media
6. Deviance Law and Psychology Criminal/Forensic Psychology first manifested into the criminal justice system in the mid-1990s, when professors in universities began to teach it. However, this was not the first recorded evidence…

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