Criminal Profiling And Its Disadvantages Essay

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Criminal profiling refers to a tool implemented in analytical psychology. Just like any other scientific tool, criminal profiling has its disadvantages. The disadvantages influence the validity, reliability, and utility of the technique, making it to be classified as a tool rather than science. For one to be conversant with the validity, reliability, and usefulness of this tool, understanding its definition is crucial. Criminal profiling refers to the procedure of categorizing personality mannerisms, behavior inclinations, and demographic variables of a criminal basing on the characteristics of the crime (Bartol & Bartol, 2012).
It consists of the actions of a given crime as explained by an eyewitness, existence of physical evidence, or a confession from the suspect. Criminal profiling has become an important tool in crime investigations and has been embraced in the entertainment industry in television programs such as the X-Files (Godwin, 2002). The skills employed in criminal profiling are perfected through learning and training in forensics psychology. The following text will explore the validity, reliability, and utility of this technique.
Validity of a tool refers to its ability to measure what it is supposed to determine accurately. Criminal profiling is considered inappropriate because its validity has been questioned in some circumstances. Law enforcers or professional psychologists do not consistently use criminal profiling because its validity is probed…

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