Essay about Criminal Profiling And Criminal Crime

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Criminal Profiling is a technique whereby the probable characteristics of a criminal offender or offenders are predicted based on the behaviors exhibited in the commission of a crime. The job of a criminal profiler is very crucial in homicide cases. It helps the law enforcement to find and arrest the killer by knowing little details that determine possible suspects for the crime.
Criminal profilers investigating serial killers have always tried to formulate some idea of the characteristics of unknown culprits as an aid to finding and convicting them. This is not an easy task. They must discover background information of suspects to determine who may be the possible killer. Learning details such as, height, weight, gender, color and other features are important in determining who the killer is. Other information including, behavior, motive, and psychological problems are also a big part of criminal profiling (Offender Profiling).
Not all serial killers are the same, which makes it very difficult for criminal investigators to profile them. It is not an easy task to determine characteristics about serial killers, especially when the lives of others are on the line. However, the profiling of serial killers is very interesting. Profilers learn interesting facts about criminals that help immensely with the cases they deal with. The criminal profile-generating process is described as having five main stages, with a sixth stage or goal being the the apprehension of a…

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