Criminal Procedure Policy Paper

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Criminal Procedure Policy
James Knight
October 17, 2012
David Klein

* * Criminal Procedure Policy * The criminal procedure policy is initiated with a crime committed by a perpetrator. This process for the criminal can end at any of the various steps of the criminal process. As a criminal is process the individual has rights that are provided by the United States Constitution to ensure fairness and justice. The two major procedural models that shape the criminal justice systems today are due process and crime control models. The justice system has used these models for over two decades. The United States Constitution with due process and crime control models has forged the criminal justice processes that
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Consequently the reasoning behind the crime control model for some state models.

Analysis These prosecuting examples prohibit law enforcement officers to relate personal prejudice beliefs, discrimination, and bias to situations. The largest difference between the two models is the crime control model assumes that a suspect is guilty before appellate day in a court of law, whereas the due process of law that the accused to be innocent until proven guilty in court. Declaring that of these two models, one would be superior to the other requires one to make a value judgment. The due process model echoes liberal values while the crime control model reveals conservative values. Today’s political climate regulates the model shapes in the justice policy used in a specific time. The principles and policies of due process predominated in criminal justice of the politically liberal early 1960s. Furthermore, conservatives have formulated criminal justice policies in the image of the crime control model from the middle 1970s to the present day. Constitutional rights are not merely technical jargon but a truth in the United States society to guide law enforcement from state authorities to local municipalities.

Conclusion As the United States population continues to grow in areas of ethnicity, race, and social groups; so must criminal procedures and policies that must

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