Criminal Law Foundations Essay

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Criminal Law Foundations

Megan Ray


April 7, 2012
Terri Madison

Criminal Law Foundations

Every system has a foundation that it builds off of even the criminal justice system. America finds governmental and legal foundations within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; as time has gone by there have been amendments added to these important documents. These amendments help to support the constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. The Amendments make articles within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights clearer or have modernized the rights making them more relevant to modern times. This paper will discuss the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments and how they are relevant to criminal law in not only adult court but
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If the Amendments were not written then the accused would have to face the sentencing with no way to fight back. This is how innocent people end up in jail and the guilty can go free. Another impact of these safe guards is if an innocent person were to be found guilty they may request a retrial, or an appeal to try to fight for their freedom. Many innocent people are being set free from prisons today because of groups of lawyers like the innocence project are re-evaluating their cases and filing for retrials or appeals based upon the evidence, lack of evidence, or violation of rights. There are also other groups like the NAACP that ensure that people’s rights stay intact by getting involved with the law making process as well as calling the public’s attention to any issues that may come up. These groups are very valuable checks and balances for the criminal justice system. Ensuring that the system is operating in the manner in which it is required by law, and calling attention to it when it is failing. It can be noted that without the Bill of Rights the court system would never have evolved and without the fine people that ensure that the Bill of Rights are being followed the criminal court system may not operate as ethically as it should. Conclusion Thanks to America’s Bill of Rights as well as the many men and women that work within the court systems, and the many people that work to ensure that people’s rights stay intact our court system

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