Criminal Law And Civil Law Essay

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Society can be complex, since it has diversities of people and personalities. This complexity may cause disorder and chaos between each other. The US law use English Common Law and Roman Civil Law as influences in cases to make order and is divided into two; criminal and civil law. Criminal Law tend to be stricter than the civil law.
Criminal law is a claim made by the government (on behalf of society) against the person (natural or judicial) for a wrongful action. Therefore, the purpose of criminal law is to protect society against wrongful action that alters order and peace. The idea is to have a society without rappers, killers and person who commit a wrongful action. There are three parties in a criminal case. First, the prosecutor is the government that makes the claim against wrong dire, they represent the entire society. The next party is the defendant that is the person who allegedly committed the wrongful action and against who the claim is made. Last, the victim is the person that suffers the wrongful action. An example, is a murder scene where the dead man is the victim, the murder is the defendant and the government the prosecutor. Once the case is in court there will be two possible verdict. One will be guilty which is when the prosecutor or the government proves that the defendant committed the wrong action. The other verdict will be not guilty or in other words innocent or acquitted and it is when the prosecutor does not prove that the defendant committed the…

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