Criminal Justice Essay

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Criminal Justice Trends
Criminal justice

Criminal Justice Trends
Criminal justice field is growing every day. It grows with the help of technology and society. When the technology evolves and society grows the criminal justice has to evolve and grow to fit the society needs. Whether it is an easy or hard change the criminal justice system never fails us. With any state the criminal justice system is to protect and serve the community so the more it evolves the more the system has to. The following paper discusses the past and future trends that connect the societies and the criminal justice system. This paper also discusses how the influential the trends effect the surroundings society. It also talks about the recent and future
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This was the start of a new trend of policing and gave them direction on how policing is now with in the communities.
Present Trends
As we all know the technology affected the relationship between the police officers and the community. They no longer walk the streets. They don’t talk face to face they use radios and phones. We also have surveillance cameras everywhere it is like they are taken over the police officers job. All of these help the police officer out because they can catch more criminals and traffic violators. With the new technology evolving we are all affected and we all benefit from it.
Society relies on the criminal justice system to the furthest. The relationship between the community and the criminal justice system is based on trust. This makes for a hard relationship because it is hard to gain the trust of someone. We should not expect the criminal justice system to get every little wrong doer though we do. So if the criminal justice was to slip up once there goes the trust.
Future trends
As time moves so does the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system continues to improve their policing every day to help communities stay and feel that they are safe. The only way that the criminal justice can actually move forward and still be organized and plan ahead. With every new technology that comes there will be pros and cons as of before. There is talk about how technology

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