Criminal Justice Essay

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The issue here is determining whether there are any criminal culpability could be charged to all the parties that were involved in the incident at the drugstore. The acts that were committed by each party would be classified as inchoate crimes and by definition are an incomplete or imperfect crimes. The purpose of inchoate crimes is to allow law enforcement to intervene and stop someone from furtherance of a crime. Here Able, an undercover police agent suspects that Baker and Charley had committed a series of recent crimes. Because of his suspicion, Able solicits and invite Baker and Charley over to see if they know about any information regarding the series of recent crimes that were committed.
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Therefore, in the crime that was committed at the drugstore, even though, Baker’s action was that he waited in the car. Applying the Pinkerton doctrine for conspiracy, Baker could be charged for conspiracy in the 1st degree of committing felony robbery.
Next is the criminal culpability of Charley, Somewhat similar to Baker in that he is also a co-conspirator because he also agreed to go along with the plan of robbing the store. However, Charley’s involvement could elevate his culpability to which he could be charged with attempted murder because he drew his gun out and shot Dogge and as a result Dogge suffered serious bodily injuries at the hands of Charley. On the other hand, an argument could be made that Charley’s role was that he was just the lookout and that maybe he had no intention of shooting anyone, but it still would not excuse that knowingly that it would be foreseeable that the possibility of somebody getting hurt could stem from him carrying a gun on his person and that there were there to rob the store. Therefore, Charley’s criminal culpability is that he knowingly co-conspirator at the very least that could find himself to be guilty of attempted murder for shooting at Dogge.
Thirdly, Dogge criminal culpability is that he would be held responsible for shooting at Easey, a customer who was in the line of fire when Dogge attempted to shoot Able. Dogge could be charged with murder or attempted murder. When Dogge

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