Criminal Justice Essay

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Social disorganization is the ineffectiveness for community individuals to achieve shared values or to figure out experienced problems. Social disorganization links crimes to neighborhood characteristics. For instance, a young individual from a troubled neighborhood cooperates in a subculture which permits delinquency—also gaining criminality in social and cultural environments. A main feature for social disorganization is it places focus on an individual’s resident location. An individual’s resident location is targeted more than an individual’s characteristics. These characteristics include age, gender, and race. An individual characteristic is not what steers an individual to become involved in illegal activities. Social disorganization …show more content…
Social disorganization focuses on the poor environment, single-parent homes, and plenty more. The environment and single-parent homes can lead youths into joining organized crime. A youth who has been poor since birth will turn to organize crime because he or she believes it is easier. Youths believe organize crime requires only doing. Youths believe when he or she joins organize crime it will not require much thinking or knowledge. Social disorganization factors in as a start off for an individual becoming a criminal in the future. A youth not having both parents is likely to rebel because the pressure is too much for a single parent. A single parent must work and provide food—while also focusing on the youth’s education and life. A young individual who does not have a parent around to tell him or her to do homework, do chores, or go to sleep will misbehave. Youths need a parent around to constantly say “no” when he or she is about to do something wrong. For example, a girl wants to go to a party. The girl asks her parents and both decline her request. The girl arrives to school the next day and hears that three individuals were shot and killed. It takes a situation like that to occur for a youth to understand why parents say no. Parents say no to protect their children. Social disorganization meets the criteria well for organized crime because organize crime affects the communities and environment around it also. A drive-by is a car with someone driving

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