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Biography of Allan Pinkerton
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Mr. Allan Pinkerton was born in Glasgow Scotland to William and Isabelle Pinkerton on August 25, 1819. Allan father was a police sergeant who was shot and killed during a political riot in a city square. Allan quit school and went to work to support the family. Allan worked as a apprentice in the McCauley Cooperage works, barrel makers, he worked his way up to supervision and at the age of 22, Allan Pinkerton married Juan Carfares on March 13, 1842. Allan and his new wife didn’t have a honeymoon of sort due to a company of soldiers marching that was to arrest Mr. Pinkerton. Instead Mr. Pinkerton and his wife were on a ship the very next morning headed to the United States. Once the
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In 1856 Kate Warne became the first female detective in the United States. Kate was hired because she argued that women could be most useful in worming out secrets in many places which would be impossible for male detective. Women were not allowed to join the police department as a law enforcement official but to do clerical work. They were permitted to join in 1841 and investigators until 1903. The most famous and properly one even was the capture of the James gang. Jesse and Frank James. They were caught because Jesse and Frank were dared to leave the south to hit a bank as far as Northfield, Minnesota. When they reached their designation they were met with savage resistance. The Pinkerton’s had sent word up north earlier that they were coming. When they arrived they were caught up in a hellish gun fire that wounded the gang, Jesse and Frank escaped but it has been written that this was the beginning of the end.
Jesse James was killed by one of his gang reward seeking men in April 1882. Frank James was late captured and serve time, and live peaceably on his farm in Missouri. Allan Pinkerton died July 1, 1884 at the age of 64, the legacy and impact of the Agency innovations on law enforcement and the private security of local law enforcement agencies.


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Allan Pinkerton

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