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Unit 1- Individual project
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The local law enforcement agencies main purpose is to provide patrol, uphold the laws of the jurisdiction and to investigate local crimes. The local law enforcement includes differing agencies like the municipal (local police departments), county (local sheriff department), regional and tribal (local reservation police department) police that get there authority from the local government. The state law enforcement agencies main purpose is to do highway patrol and state wide investigations. State police aid the local police department with emergencies and investigations that are beyond the jurisdiction and resource boundaries
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U.S border patrol investigations include U.S customs (collects tariffs or tax paid imported goods/ illegal goods trying to be smuggled in the country), and border protection (make sure laws are abided when people and goods are entering the United States).
Prosecuting attorney local/state represents the state/city in criminal appeals or cases. Prosecuting federal attorneys represents the United States in federal offenses.
Defense counsel defend the accused/criminal
Local and state judges have cases concerning state laws, family law cases (divorces and custody), personal injury cases, contract disputes and criminal cases.
Federal judges have cases concerning federal laws, constitutionality of a law, disputes between states, and bankruptcy cases.
The federal court structure is made up of three court systems the Supreme Court, the district (trail) court, and the appellate court.
The district (trial) court within limits has jurisdiction to nearly every aspects to federal cases like civil and criminal cases. There are two special trial courts that have a nationwide jurisdiction over certain cases, the court of international trade which involves addressing cases about international trade and customs issues. Then the United States court of federal claims which jurisdiction claims over most monetary damages against the U.S disputing over federal unlawful contracts of private property by the

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