Essay Criminal Justice System And The United States

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eHRAF Research Paper Criminal justice systems are the processes created by governments or ruling agencies to maintain order and punish crime within a society ("The Criminal Justice System"). One universal criminal justice system does not exist, instead, they vary from society to society. These systems are important because they help to uphold order, enforce norms and mores, and shape the values of a society. I have only researched the criminal justice system of the United States government, so I am only familiar with the structure of a large government. The United States has a tiered structure in which there are law enforcement officers, county courts, state courts, federal courts, and other tiers so that there is a chain of command. I chose this topic because I am an aspiring lawyer, and I think that comparing different cultures ' legal systems will provide a greater understanding of the topic as a whole. The societies compared in this essay do not have a justice system as large as the United States, but the United States has a different subsistence strategy than those in this essay. Does subsistence strategy have a correlation with the justice system of a society? I believe that this essay will reveal that the more developed a society 's subsistence strategy is, the more developed and important the justice system is. This essay will compare the justice systems of eleven cultures from four different subsistence strategies. The first cultures that will be compared are…

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