Essay on Criminal Justice System And The Law Of The Land

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Across the world there are many different types of criminal justice systems to keep and maintain order and peace otherwise known as the law of the land. These criminal justice systems try to discourage people from disrupting the peace and order of society by educating their people (who lawfully live in a country, state, etc.) on the results and punishments for failing to obey the law. The criminal justice system can be separated and labeled in three main parts; policing where the act of asking questions and trying to find the truth about something is held, the courts where judgment is made, and corrections where the type of punishment is by the courts is served. This paper will take a look and compare the judgment otherwise known as the courts portion of the German system and American systems and touch on other issues that affect how they operate.
The most easily seen difference between the two legal systems is the use of juries in the United States. Every person has the right to a jury trial, even in civil lawsuits in the United States. In Germany, judges or panels of judges decide all cases. In most cases the judge in the in a jury trial in the United States has limited power and say in the result of the trial. Whereas in Germany, the Schöffen talk closely with the judge and are (based on knowledge and learning) about understanding all the legal parts of a case. Schöffen are lay people who serve on the panel with the judges in Germany and act in the capacity that a jury…

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