Criminal Justice System And Its Effect On Society Essay

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The Criminal Justice System has many parts that make up its system. Its laws, enforcements and punishments all play a role and act together in trying to maintain peace and order by use of a set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who disobey laws. Since the first colonies came to America, the Criminal Justice System is continuously being rewritten and revised to compensate for the constant changes and growth of society. The citizens of America rely on the criminal justice system to keep them safe and to maintain order. The people also expect the criminal justice system to be fair and unprejudiced and to rehabilitate criminal offenders. The way the Criminal Justice System has done this can be broken down into three major time periods: 1607-1776, 1776-1876, and 1876 to present times. During the Colonial Period, no distinctive American legal system existed. Laws, enforcements, and punishments varied from colony to colony (“The Early Years”). Crimes were taken exceedingly seriously. Some of those have not changed, including murder, theft, and disturbing the peace. However, crimes that may seem bizarre today, include slander, public drunkenness, hog theft, treason, and blasphemy (“Colonial Punishment”).
During the first years of the Colonial Period, social crimes were treated severely, especially when these crimes involved going against accepted ways of doing certain things or accepted values of the community…

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