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The purpose and history of penitentiaries Nakethia Polycarpe Introduction to Corrections/CJA/234February 16, 2015
Professor Jason Driver
The purpose and history of penitentiaries The history and purpose of penitentiaries started during the year of 1700’s, I have learned and read that the first prison was created to house criminals or anyone who committed an act of crime. During this era, criminals while in jail were expected to read the bible and to concentrate on the crimes they committed. Penitentiary which means (a prison for people convicted of serious crimes), began to be use to help to describe the facilities used to hold the prisoners serving sentences or the place to work off the crime.

The History of Punishment

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Each had a different level of treatment for the prisoners; the House of safe custody didn’t imprison those individuals who had short sentence to serve. Penitentiary house is the next step after the house of safe custody. This one is where temporary imprisonment occurred. After that comes the black prison. “In the Black Prison, to strike terror into the hearts of its inmates, two skeletons were to lie slumped together one either side of an iron door, thus reminding them that they were indeed an abode of death from which there was no escape.”
As prisons had their development, punishments for prisoners evolved as well. For example, corporal punishments were created so that the punishment was equivalent to the crime. Reading further, I know back than if you were a thief during this time your fingers were cut off. If a person was caught laying their tongues were taken out. Another punishment known as transportation was common where criminals were removed from society was developed. Whipping in the town center was a usual punishment for slander, public intoxication, and small theft. A vast majority of the forms of punishment were done publicly to embarrass the criminal and deter others from committing similar acts.

The development of prison began to take place after so many failed strategies with previous methods of punishments did not work for criminal behaviors. In the United States of

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