Criminal Justice And Crime Prevention Essay

1294 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
I have always taken an interest in Criminal Justice and crime prevention ever since middle school and I set out to make my career goal to becoming a Criminal Justice professional. Thus, pursuing a Criminal Justice master’s degree has been part of my plans for the future and will became one of my core focuses that I will set up in my graduate studies. It will also enable me to become a more competent working professional and encourage me to advance towards the doctoral program.

My passion for Criminal Studies started back to when I was still in middle school. One of my neighbors, a well-received cancer researcher from Wayne State University, was unfortunately assaulted by a juvenile criminal one cold winter night after recovering from a car accident while calling for help. He was later discovered and transferred to the nearest hospital however he died shortly after from his injuries due to a major loss of blood. It was my first major experience to Criminal Justice and from then on I went to learn more about how the juvenile delinquency could really hurt one’s family, other people, and society as a whole. My motivation to study Criminal Justice still goes on to this day, as exemplified by a more recent event, the tragic stories of Syrian immigrant families who were denied any help or hope because so many countries were more equipped to imprison people instead of facilitating them back into society. Such tragedies further fueled my desire to learn more about the knowledge of…

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