Essay about Criminal Justice and Courtroom Process

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Criminal Justice and Courtroom Process. CJA491 December 17th 2012 Criminal justice and courtroom process. This case happen in June, 1994 There were two brutal murders that occurred. The husband was notified of his wife’s death. The husband returns home from a business trip only to be handcuffed as a suspect in the murder of his wife. The husband is assigned council, and while in custody the husband eludes his council. Later found arrested and accused of murder. The husband is accused before a grand jury. Then after a six day preliminary hearing ends, sufficient evidence including blood, hair, and bloody shoe prints were proof found significant enough for him to stand trial …show more content…
DNA testimony begins, and it seems the evidence that was admitted in with the victims’ blood on did not fit the defendant, which in turn the prosecution rest. In mid-July of 1995 the defense calls their first witness, the daughter of the defendant. In late August, the judge rules to exclude a testimony because of irrelevancy. Jury is asked to leave for testimony of a detective, during his testimony he pleads the Fifth Amendment. The next day the defense announces the defendant will not testify on his behalf. In the same day the defense brings to the attention and requests the jury to acknowledge the absence of the detective, although the prosecution objects the judge appeals the objection. After appeals court rejects of instruction the defense rest their case because of the unanswered question and the Judge request prosecution to begin their rebuttal. Cross examination of another detective who had earlier mentioned he gave mob informants information of why the police went to the suspects home. The prosecutors give their closing arguments and the case goes to jury. On October 2nd the jury reached a verdict, and the next day the jury finds the defendant not guilty on both counts of murder. The goes on to civil court of possessions and custody between the husband and victims ‘family. Of the step nine, Winnowing Processes, the wedding cake model fits

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