Criminal Investigation And The Conviction Of Criminals Essay

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Criminals will always be here, it is a never ending battle between the right and wrong; the good and the bad. The use of DNA made a dramatic impact in criminal investigation and the conviction of criminals because of the methods brought to them in 1986 by Sir Alec Jeffory (Dennis & Cormier, 2005).
Sir Alec Jeffory is a molecular biologist developed techniques to use DNA in forensics to help police in their endeavors of stopping crime. The techniques where used to verify the confession of a 17 year old boy in a rape/murder case in the English midlands (Dennis & Cormier, 2005). the techniques where first used in the states in 1978 in Orange County, Florida Tommy Lee Andrews was convicted after his DNA was matched with the blood and semen sample found in the victim (Dennis, Cormier-2005). Thanks to the techniques created by Mr. Jeffory DNA samples became more admissible and favored in the court trials. Later in time defense attorneys began to question the accuracy of the DNA test and results. Shown in the case People of New York vs. Castro, the lawyer questioned the reliability of the test. At the end of the case, the people are r eferred, to Frye18 standards, made in the case Frye VS. United States, that in order to be admissible into court, the scientific evidence has to be generally accepted in the particular field it is tested (Dennis, Cormier, 2005).
Phedus Levene, first discovered DNA in 1911, where he discovered that the individual cells each have a nucleus…

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