criminal eviedence Essay

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Criminal Evidence
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Criminal Evidence
Hearsay is not confined to oral statements or writings. Nonverbal conduct that is the equivalent of a verbal statement can be hearsay. All courts agree that conduct intended as a substitute for words is within the hearsay prohibition when offered to prove the truth of the intended assertion. Assertive conduct of this type would include physical gestures such as sign language, affirmative nods, or communicative motions in answer to questions, or identification of a person by pointing to him.
A related and more difficult question is presented when the actor – declarant does not intend his conduct to communicate anything.
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Hearsay evidence composed of statement made out of court offered to prove the case asserted (Evidence Code). There are different rules when hearsay is permissible and when it is inadmissible. General knowledge about rumored to rule when dealing with informants. There are several different exceptions to this rule. These exceptions to the hearsay rule will be discussed with emphasis on the written memories and family records along with the general overview of hearsay rules and when it is applied.
In the hearsay rule is two categories rumors: rumors and hearsay declarant approval (O'Connor, 2004). Approval of rumors is presented as evidence for the sole purpose of truth is persistent or fact. Hearsay declarant is used if there is some type of credibility to a witness to testify. The most usually form of hearsay, which is used in a criminal trial is hearsay declarant and uses the individual's behavior in impeachment or treason (O'Connor, 2004). Please be aware that if the courts rely too heavily on rumors that there is a high probability that the findings of the courts to be revised due to errors (O'Connor, 2004).
Finally hearsay rule can help the defense and the prosecution. Realizing that the principle of the inadmissibility of hearsay evidence and where applicable, rumors cases where listening will be easier to identify and point out how to use each form. In addition, knowledge of exceptions to hearsay rule provides a wide

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