Essay on Criminal Evidence / Criminal Law

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Criminal Evidence/Criminal Law
The murder weapon was not recovered. Witness said she saw McDonald throw it on the ground when running away, but no murder weapon was taken into evidence (Pasulka, 2012). However, there was a three-quarter-inch puncture wound in Schmitz chest that ripped more than three inches into his body cavity, all the way to the right ventricle of his heart (Mannix, 2012). When the ambulance came, Schmitz was barely breathing. He died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. Though no murder weapon was found, it was said that the weapon might have been small like a knife or scissor. Cece McDonald confessed to stabbing Schmitz with her fabric scissors that she uses at school (Pasulka, 2012).
As for Cece McDonald wound, it was told that Molly Flaherty hit McDonald in the face with a glass of alcohol that sliced open her left cheek (Erdely, 2014). McDonald had to get 11 stitches for her cut. McDonald said that the pain made it hard to concentrate and the alcohol that was thrown to her eyes, made it hard to see (Pasulka, 2012). McDonald told reporters that, the officers handcuffed her and did not take her immediately to the ambulance for her cut (Mannix, 2012). She was bleeding profusely and the pain was unbearable. She waited 20 minutes until they finally took her to the ambulance.
Another piece of evidence, that was analyzed, was Schmitz 's toxicology results (Mannix, 2012). On Schmitz 's system, at the time of his death, there was numerous of chemicals…

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