Essay about Criminal Defenses And Criminal Punishments

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Introduction When it comes to Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments, perceptions of

others can sometimes vary. Some may agree that the punishment goes with the crime, while

others may argue that there are stipulations that can be enacted due to extenuating circumstances

for the defendant of the crime. In this body of work, the key points involved in the court

determining the lawfulness of the use of force, the fundamental difference between the castle

doctrine and the stand your ground law, the overall role in the double jeopardy clause, the basic

features of the adversarial system and lastly the authors’ opinion in the speedy trial section of the

sixth amendment, if it is necessary or not and the reasons why will be discussed.

Keywords: Law, adversarial, doctrine, people, ground, force

Use of Force

When determining if there is lawfulness force used in arresting someone,

according to, standards were established by the Supreme Court in Graham v.

• What was the severity of the crime that the officer believed the suspect to have committed or to be committing?
• Did the suspect present an immediate threat to the safety of the public?
• Was the suspect actively resisting arrest or attempting to escape?

When evaluating the severity of the crime committed, the job of the police officer is to make a

split second, but important decision whether to use force or not to use force. Veteran police

officers claim to not have to use…

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