Criminal Courts Essay

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Courtroom work groups
Melissa Manciel
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Court room
When you have reached this point in the judicial process, lives can be changed. Making the wrong decision can allow your life to be altered. There are selected groups of people who help the process of these proceedings. This is the time where a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. As time progress, the process will change and the roles themselves may change. The state courts hear civil, juvenile, drug, traffic, and family cases. While federal courts review cases where federal statues and issues between states are presented. In addition, the appellate court reviews the decisions made in state and federal courts. There is one court in this
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They keep the judges calendar in order and make sure all the papers in each case are processed properly and available for each case.
The court reporter keeps a transcript of all the proceedings taking place in the trial, so that they can always be referenced later if needed. The bailiff helps keep order in the court and escorts the accused to and from their seat. As directed by the judge.
The jury can range from 6- 23 jurors depending on the type of hearing is taking place. The play a very vital role in the court process. No matter how much evidence they may present at trial the last dissection belongs to the jury. They determine if a person is innocent or guilty.
Last but know least the prosecutor is the final piece of this work group. They have to job of providing the burden of proof when trying to prove a person is guilty of the crime or crimes that they have been charged with. They work for the state or federal government, and are paid by taxpayers to keep the community safe of dangerous and violent offenders.
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This group of people make up the work group that is

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