Criminal Case File Example

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I am going to describe to you a case file that is not factual. It involves the Abduction of two 13 year old females. Michelle is a black female, her mother is a single average working person. The second victim is a 13 year old white female named Jasmine, both of her parents are deceased , and is currently being raised by her aunt Veronica who currently working for the police department. Before the incident had happened, Veronica had worked on a serial killer case, where the victims in the case had received a specific letter in the mail from someone who was called the Romeo killer, of whom they had never heard of. In those cases, they had arrested and charged a man for the said crime. After the charges were brought against the man, Veronica …show more content…
They got a judge to issue a warrant for his arrest, to charge him in the murder of a 13 year old female, that was initially reported as missing, but was later found at the scene of a car wreck where her remains were badly burned and an autopsy was never done due to the severity of the damage caused to the body in the car accident. The reason they wanted to talk to this man, was because they found out he belonged to what they thought was a sex trafficking site, but later found out it was a site for girls and woman all over the country for serial killers that did not want to buy local. They were able to look into the purchase history and found out who was running the site, through his IP address. During their search Michelle had gotten away from the kidnappers, with Jasmines help, and she ran from her attackers. They of course asked Michelle what she remembered, and was able to confirm that the Romeo killer was back. With the IP information the cops were able to find the Romeo killer, but at his location he ran and shots were fired, but they were able to find Jasmine and the case was closed. In a fashion it could be said that this is a form of profiling, but the

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