Criminal Activities And Criminal Arrest Essay

1354 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
In the United States, criminal activities and criminal arrest have become a recurring cycle of society. Our government is constantly passing new laws to accommodate for the growing plague of crime that occurring in our society almost always. Some crimes are more serious than others but all share a common denominator in the fact that there is a victim and a perpetrator. Some crimes may be person to person, and some may be person to society. The essence of each crime vary by cases to case bases, with the most serious offenders being found of causing physical damage to another person ( Murders, Assaulters, and sexual predators). Our society has a job to rehabilitate these individuals, but also protect the community that they service. The growing problem that has occurred is the ability to facilitate these individuals in state prisons. Although these prison contain some of the most serious and violent offenders our society knows, it also caters to less detrimental criminals in our society that has contribute to the growth of the prison population in each state. In California a bill was passed in 2011, AB 109, which seek to address this issue. AB 109 is a bill that has allowed lower risk inmates to serve time for less serious offenses to be punished and housed at the county level. This bill was ordered by Governor Edmund G Brown in efforts to help alleviate the growing population among California state prisons, who currently house more imamates than any other state in the…

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