Crime : The Crime Rate Essay

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As the crime rate continues to rise daily, it is becoming well-known that a good portion of these major offenses are not being committed solely by adults. In a court of law, a person who is 18 is tried as a minor, with the exception of a few states considering 16 and 17 year olds to be adults in their courts. Some children do not hesitate to commit serious crimes for the simple reason that if they get caught, they know the penalty for their crime will not be too harsh since they are still considered a minor. Not to mention, it will not stay on the person’s permanent record, forgiving their wrongdoing in a way. Criminals are criminals no matter what age. Stories of 16 and 17 year old juveniles committing murder, theft, and rape frequent the news. Very few of these criminals are being punished as adults. What does it matter that this individual is 17 years old? When he or she turns 18 in shortly under a year, he or she will still have the same criminal mentality as he or she did a year ago when the crime took place. It is nonsense to allow criminals to have the easy way out just because of their age. A slap on the wrist is not going to deter these criminals from becoming repeat offenders, so why risk the safety of the public over the age of criminals. An example of a 17 year old male being tried as a juvenile in what should have been an adult murder case happened in Springfield, in January 2015. This 17 year old was suspected of murdering his uncle and fled from law…

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