Crime Rates in America Essay

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Crime Rates In America
Elliot H. Maysonet
08 April 2013
Prof. Ron Alter

Crime Rates In America
In society’s day and age, Americans believe that crime has been steadily increasing. This perspective is based on information provided to the public by criminologist. Our society relies heavily on statistical data to measure criminality and the effectiveness of the laws that govern society. This data is collected and formulated to create what is known as national crime reports. These reports were implemented to improve the structure of the laws that govern our society. In addition these reports record criminal activity, the type of crimes committed, the locations of criminal trends, the volume of crimes committed, and the
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The stages of this process are as follows: Crime rates are made up of crimes that have been reported to or discovered by the police departments. Arrest rates are made up of the arrest made on the crimes reported to or discovered by the police departments. Clearance rates are made up of crimes that have been solved or cleared by the police departments. These three factors together formulate the basis from which society determines the effectiveness our criminal justice system and the agencies within.
Some may say that there is no relation between the three, due to the varying crime rates and arrest rates, inaccurate data, and the omission of data from the reports, but the interaction of the three factors show different. Although there is no official predictor for criminal activities or criminal trends, one way to combat present and future criminal activity is to improve our method of tracking, monitoring, and recording crime. By including data showing all criminal activities, such as crimes that are normally omitted, cases that have been dismissed, combining the resources used to formulate the Uniform Crime Report and the National Crime Victimization Survey, we would be able to create a more accurate and defined report. The will help us in determining future criminal trends and criminal activities. Another way we can improve our ability to combat criminal activity is to create a

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