Crime Mapping Software Helps Law Enforcement Essay examples

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Crime mapping software helps law enforcement researchers discover hidden opportunities to improve public safety. The technology produces fact-based reports, providing comprehensive overviews of the people and places involved in criminal activity. Police departments around the country are incorporating the technology into their crime fighting toolkits to separate fact from opinion, reduce illegal activity and increase departmental efficiency.

Making Sense out of Big Data Crime Statistics

Law enforcement researchers analyze illegal activity geographically and chronologically using crime mapping software. [1] The researchers focus their analyses to designated areas, which range from specific buildings to entire metropolitan areas.

Crime mapping software evaluates the connection between people, places and illegal activity. With data driven law enforcement initiatives - agencies deliver effective, targeted service. Communities neighboring precincts policed with crime mapping technology benefit from decreased illegal activity as well.

Crime Mapping Analysis in Practice

Using crime mapping, researchers analyze where victims and lawbreakers live as well as when illegal activity takes place to uncover high-risk areas called hot spots. For instance, in most urban environments hot spots generally cluster together. In some rural communities, however, hot spots tend to gravitate toward specific structures or landscape types. Police departments use the research to build criminal…

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