Essay about Crime Is Part Of Everyday Life

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Crime is part of everyday life; on average a crime is committed every 5 seconds in England and Wales alone. Many statistics show that many people are living in the fear of being victimized by crime. Due to the extent of crime it has been a popular topic among academics. Academics have been interested in how crime has changed throughout time and why people actually commit crime. This literature review will be exploring crime within four different categories: youth and crime, women and crime, the geography of crime and the policing of crime.
Women and Crime
Since the rising interest and concern of women’s fear of crime in the 1980s, it has prompted many academics to write literature on the topic. A constant topic seen throughout the literature is women’s fear of violent crime and the effects it has on women (Maxfield and Skogan 1981; Mesch 2000; Pain 1997; Stanko 1995). Many academics have tried to understand and explain why women are much more vulnerable and scared of violent crime than men. Warr (1984) wrote that “fear of crime is fear of rape” this suggests that women’s fear of crime stem from the fear of rape. This concept is also highlighted by a number of academics for example Maxfield (1984) found that by analysing the British Crime Survey in 1982 that women feel less safe due to their fear of sexual assault. All women fear sexual violence but it has been argued that women of a high class are able to deal with the effects and danger more easily (Gordon and Riger 1989;…

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