Crime Is Not Be Defined Easily? Essay

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The term crime cannot be defined easily because it does not have one definition nor two; crime is a concept. Moreover, crime is based on a general notion of ideals formed by society, according to time and place (Friedman, 1993, 6). Society does not imply all individuals, the rich and powerful create the laws that compose certain acts as a crime and are then enforced by law enforcement (Friedman, 1993, 10). Thus, giving law enforcement control and power over all individuals. Their job is to protect and serve within their community. This job is not properly executed if over three-hundred individuals were falsely convicted. Three-hundred-forty-one cases, time served ranging approximately from one to forty years, have been exonerated by application of DNA evidence; two-hundred-sixty-nine of these cases identified as sex crimes (Innocence Project, 2016). A problem lies within our society that allowed innocent individuals to be locked behind bars for years for crimes they did not commit. For example, Geronimo Pratt was falsely convicted of murder and abused in prison for twenty-seven years before he was released (Olsen, 2000). Furthermore, Geronimo’s case exhibited many errors that correlate with the arraignment of the individuals from the exonerated cases. Involvement of suggestibility plays a huge role in eyewitness identification during the photo lineup as well as questioning; the difference between conviction and release of an individual. Pratt’s case is a perfect example of…

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