Crime Is Inevitable, Indispensable And A Normal Part Of Society

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Crime is inevitable, indispensable and a normal part of society, according to Durkheim sociology of law (, but is too much crime a problem? According to the Overseas Advisory Security Council (OASC) Belize is labeled with a high crime rate and ranks among the top ten (10) in the world for homicides with an average of 40 homicides per 100,000 residents ( In 2014 more specifically the murder rate significantly increased and brought about many ideas as to what could be done to cope with the growing concerns. As a result, the old age measure of Capital Punishment being implemented resurfaced with individuals believing that the death penalty would provide a solution to the issue and see that these numbers of crime drastically fall, but would it really? Contrary to those misbelief, the implementation of capital punishment will not be the solution to crime for the given reasons: it costs more to finance death penalty, it brings about wrongful convictions and it fails to deter crime.
The implementation of Capital Punishment will not be the solution to crime because it costs more to finance death penalty. According to a study done in Washington State, it was found that the costs related to pursuing the death penalty are about 1.4 to 1.5 times more than when a prosecutor does not seek death penalty…

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