Crime Is An Unlawful Act Committed With The Worst Intentions Essay examples

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Something that could be talked about for hours is the definition of crime. Some people will give you opinions or even read you the definition straight from the dictionary. But it is such a complex question to ask. Crime in my opinion is an unlawful act committed with the worst intentions. All though “what is crime?” is such a interesting question, I think the people who commit the crime are far more interesting. Every crime has a different motive. I believe the act being committed is only a crime if the person has wrongful motives and intentions.
On the first day of class when I was asked “What is crime” I automatically knew the answer. It wasn’t even something I had to really think hard about. The answer just came to my mind and I didn 't think anything of it. In my opinion crime was something committed by a horrible person. My mind automatically raced to the rapists and killers of this world and to all the people locked up. A crime was the result of disobeying the law and only bad people did that. Whenever I opened the TV to the news all I saw were the monstrous criminals and TV shows about how people in a prison act and what got them in there and I just put a label on everyone and anyone who was once in the prison system. In class I was presented with another question, “Who J walks?” I remember laughing and raising my hand because of course I J walk, like who doesn 't? Then it was pointed out that Jaywalking was against the law, being that it’s against the law would…

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