Crime Is An Expression Of Fear Essay

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In Richard B. Felsons’ Another cost of being a young black male: Race, weaponry, and lethal outcomes in assaults, the reader is meant to understand the fact that most of the time violent crime is intraracial. A main talking point during the first week of lecture is the idea that crime is an expression of fear. Felson can be seen pointing to this idea in the beginning of the article when he states that “evidence suggests that blacks are generally more likely to carry guns and knives than whites” (Felson, Painter-Davis 2012). I feel as though this suggestion relates to blacks in inner cities more than anywhere because those locations prove to be hot spots for crime which would make all the more sense to why blacks would feel the need to carry weapons on them more often than whites. This proves to be a continuous circle of problems for blacks in these communities because when most of them feel the need to carry weapons, if and when something goes down they are going to defend themselves with these weapons leading to more intraracial assaults and crimes furthering the evidence that been shown that most crimes do happen intrarace. If criminals in general know that blacks are more likely to carry these types of weapons when they are out and about living their lives, they will most likely be more aggressive to blacks knowing that they will in turn defend themselves with a gun instead of just being unarmed and able to do anything. I believe that this can contribute a fair amount…

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