Essay Crime Investigation

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International Journal For Technological Research In Engineering
Volume 1, Issue 9, May-2014

ISSN (Online): 2347 - 4718

R. G. Uthra, M. Tech (CS)
Bharathidasan University, Trichy, India.
Abstract: In data mining, Crime management is an interesting application where it plays an important role in handling of crime data. Crime investigation has very significant role of police system in any country. There had been an enormous increase in the crime in recent years.
With rapid popularity of the internet, crime information maintained in web is becoming increasingly rampant. In this paper the data mining techniques are used to analyze the web data. This paper presents detailed study on
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We can analyze web information from the perspective of events and apply some research results related to the events to solve the problem of web crime mining.
It is important to study the previous related works to both learn from the experience of others and to add something to our existing body of knowledge. Existing literature has been reviewed in three different areas: crime data mining, data extraction and data focus
Crime Data Mining: Data mining is defined as the discovery of interesting structure in data, where structure designates patterns, statistical or predictive models of the data, and relationships among parts of the data. The data mining techniques is using for some results on crime mining. This technique is applied

to study crime cases, which mainly concerned entity extraction, pattern clustering, classification and social network analysis. This method used to get the data of criminals by using frequency occurrence of incidents.
Data Extraction Event: In web page extraction is the process to extract attributes and relationship. The idea of this event extraction is the method of retrieving the information from database. The proposed a method to append events for the concept of data mining techniques. Entity extraction has been used to automatically identify person, address, cases, and personal

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