Crime Effect On Juvenile Crime

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Crime can become a domino effect that increases the number of other crimes and their severity. The effect of a kidnapping or an assault can create a fear that many people don’t want to deal with. Many of them just decide to ignore the problem while others decide to make it bigger. Consequently, most of the time, a single crime can transform the affected neighborhood from a normal one to a dangerous one.
Most of the crime’s impact falls into the victim. Depending on crime’s type the victim experienced, is the trauma he or she suffers. The trauma is prolonged while the victim is asked to revive the experience in order to gather information about the criminal. Also, the insensibility the media presents when they interview the victim can increase
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Most of the time, the place that was the crime scene become known as a dangerous place thanks to the media’s description of the crime. These places gain negative fame, and, as a consequence, the same people living in the area try to avoid it. At the beginning this places become the new home for juvenile criminals who start to form their deviant character, however, as the fame increases, these places open the path for more crimes to be committed (a lonely place where nobody can hear the scream of a …show more content…
Insurance companies will always protect itself. Two main factors are played here. When a person becomes a victim of a crime, and the insurance has to pay for the damages, the insurance increases its cost to the victim and the people around the victim. In these way, the rest of the customers end up paying for the crime’s damages instead if the company. Therefore, the crime and the proximity to the victim become factors that affect people’s finances. For example, when it comes to auto theft, “some providers do use the risk of auto theft as a factor when calculating your rates,” (“how auto theft,” 2016) which means that a person will pay more just for living in a high rate auto theft zone. On the other hand, many crimes start occurring just in certain times of the year.This happens more in holidays. For example, in New Jersey, there is an increase in house robberies and thefts during the holidays, (CBS News, 2008). This creates a downturn in the economies of the surrounding areas. Moreover, the value of the houses decreases because of the place where is ubicated. A house that is in a normal neighborhood will cost more than one in a high crime rate

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